Concerning the geometric dimensions, our Diesel-Quad “Schwarzwaldteufel” is (almost) second to none with 50ccm.

More safety is ensured by our Quad´s larger design/size.

A dynamic off-road and street drive is guaranteed by the machine´s great torque.

Our high-quality, up-to-date diesel engine works on the basis of a high-pressure diesel fuel injection system, an automatic decompression device and an automatic cold-start and preheat equipment. (essential: -10C and colder)

The crankcase and the cylinder head are made of light metal. Our engine is high-revving and is, take to his 28kg, a real lightweight!

The Hatz company in Ruhstorf is one of the oldest engine manufacturers in Germany, and well known for great quality and technology all over the world.

We deliver our Quad with the following equipment:

  • all electric attached parts
  • electric and manual start (electric/kick)
  • max. velocity 45kmph, derated engine
  • tankage 8l
  • disc brake rear drum brake/ disc brake front chain drive
  • frame:steel pipe
  • weight:125kg
  • lenght: 1650mm
  • width: 900mm
  • height: 1075mm
  • saddle hight: 775mm

  • operatin licence: EURO 4.

    retail price without obligation: 4500 Euros
    delivery time: 8 weeks after order

    All technical data-information of the engine used 1B20 is available on the Hatz company´s homepage - engine manufacturing Hatz, D 94099 Ruhstorf, Germany-

    You´re always welcome for a test ride in the beautyful Black Forest!